What a surprise. 

As most of you know, it has been implied that I am a conference junkie.  My defining business statement for decades has been: Integrity...Knowledge...Success!  I seek it out, then I try to figure out how best to implement so that the client gains from my new, or renewed, knowledge.  So, I go schlepping off to the best courses I can find.  This year started in Orlando, moved through Palm Desert, Austin, Las Vegas, Dallas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, Charlotte, San Francisco, Phoenix, and I don't even remember all the places covered in 2011.  And they, each and everyone, have been fantastic.  So, it was a surprise.


Having just completed both the NAHREP and AREAA conventions in a 2 1/2 week timeframe, I was tired and had a mountain of work to catch up with at the office.  Yet after 1 week of being back in the office, off I go to...  Reno?  I had made my commitment to be here, and I wasn't going to back out.  But boy, I was not excited about a 3rd conference in about the same number of weeks, surrounded by 1000's of other agents, trying to find the nugget, eating hotel food, and the hotel beds???  Get the picture?

So, what was the surprise? 

Amy Stoehr has hit a home run with Real Estate Masters Guild (REMG), and I am having a ball!  Serious. 

I have really loved and appreciated Amy for many years as she served the industry from a totally pure heart.  Always a smile.  Always the positive.  Always a solution.  She promised a special experience; she is delivering.

Not 1000's of people, with multiple motivations, but under 100 sharing a common thread... to grow that they may serve.  WOW!  And their promise of being Guru-Free, something I was not familiar with, has been an eye opener.  

Yep, I even called Donna, my wife, to tell her how glad I am that I came.  The message here?  This is one cool, fresh event that is now on my Do Not Miss list.  If this type of a learning format sounds  like you, I can say you too might be surprised, but you won't be disappointed.