Today I am blessed 

Depending on where you are in the "food chain", times are hard or times are harder.  And if we are not careful we let life get swallowed by the details of each day. Which somehow seems to flow one to another seamlessly, until we look back and see that some substantial block of time has been lost.

So today is Saturday, a perfect day to shake yourself and say NOT TODAY!  Do something different, massively different. Ok, here's the soft-side of Isaacs, or to my DISC peeps, my "S"!  Find those dearest to you, invest some time with them. Teach the children that money does not always have to be involved to have a great time and build memories for a lifetime.

It is surprising how a game of "catch" can bring you and your child closer. Have you ever noticed the amount of talking that occurs while throwing a ball back and forth?  My dad will soon turn 90 and I have been thinking of the many days of fun I had when he would get off work and I could trap him into a game of catch. Now, at the time his being tired may have made him wish for his recliner, but he always played a while with me.   Years later while doing something else we loved, remodeling homes, we talked about it and both made withdrawls from the memory.

And if you do have the opportunity to spend a little extra (budgeted) monies for some time off, remember that talking, exchanging, and laughing are much more important than the souvenirs.  I know for me and Donna, we are tickled pink, almost giddy, to once again see the magic of the "Mouse" through a 4yr old and 22mo old tornado!  What a hoot. And thank God, they are still young enough to need a mid-day nap. Pops and Nana agree.  Yet it truly does seem like yesterday that Don(na) and I were standing in lines for Dumbo with Scotty and Karie, laughing and enjoying them and their excitement.  I am so looking forward to the day Kenzi will ready for her first Mouse-trip.   

The world is a bad place somedays, and there are bad people in it, that is certain. All the more reason to make sure you take the time to reconnect, feed into and make withdrawls from the only relations that matter. Your loved ones. Yep, today, I am blessed.