NOTE: Only the brave will read this to the end. 

If you are like me, that statement is scary, and you grow weary hearing about this subject.  Yet it is something we as a nation have not dealt with.  And until we do… we will have more articles saying the same thing.  Case in point, per a recent article by RUTH SIMON and JAMES R. HAGERTY of the Wall Street Journal, “the proportion of U.S. homeowners who owe more on their mortgages than the properties are worth has swelled to about 23%, threatening prospects for a sustained housing recovery… according to First American CoreLogic.” 

“These so-called underwater mortgages pose a roadblock to a housing recovery because the properties are more likely to fall into bank foreclosure and get dumped into an already saturated market.  Economists from J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. said Monday…”. 

“Home prices have fallen so far that 5.3 million U.S. households are tied to mortgages that are at least 20% higher than their home's value… More than 520,000 of these borrowers have received a notice of default…”

“Most U.S. homeowners still have some equity, and nearly 24 million owner-occupied homes don't have any mortgage, according to the Census Bureau”.  You read that right, no mortgage!

So, here is the QUESTION?  Can you complete the following adage:  ____ low, ____ high!  This is the defining separation between the speculator, investor, and wannabes.  Speculators think it is all about the ‘flip’.  Wannabes wait until the investors have made huge profits and then slide in while the media is still hyping the market so they can pretend to be investors.  But the investor, they know that greatest wealth comes from sustained planned ownership. 

Here is the one secret that have made my clients fortunes.  So, save your dollars, no shipping and no more late night TV telling you how to be rich with real estate.  Ready?

$165,000 x 10% down = $16500.00 invested.  Market increase of 10% means subject should sell for $182,000 in a year.  Meaning, your $16500 invested returned $16500, or 100% return on investment.  Not counting tax shelters.  Not counting rental income.  Can you get 10% in today’s market?  MLS statistics for YTY June 2009/2010 show the average increase in the market values were 10.3%.  Is that too good to be true?  What about 5%, for a 50% return on money invested?

While there is more to this, it really is this simple.   With minimal risk you can get rates of return today of 40-100% on your money invested.  Anyone want a cup of coffee and to chit chat?  Until then,