On Tuesday, February 9th, STAR POWER’s Alex Charfen and his team will in town, in fact, they will be at our office.  All for the express purpose of interviewing me and the Team and making it our official induction as a STAR. 

This is quite an honor, one I privately wished for but just didn’t see it in the cards.  However, Howard Brinton made that all change by selecting me for this honor just prior to his turning the reigns over to Alex. 

I have had a blast attending more than 12 STAR POWER conventions where I was free to grab, borrow and tweak ideas, from thousands presented, that allowed me to drive our business to record levels.  Those and other strategic ideas, clarified by our commitment to the Team motto:  Integrity… Knowledge… Success, coupled with applied energy and focus to succeed for our clients, has allowed our sales to soar to figures that at times are hard to conceive.  A statement backed by the NAR.

Per the National Association of Realtors data the average agent sold 3.98 homes in the year 2008.  We were blessed to assist 576 families in getting into their new home during that same time period.  In fact, since 2006 we have successfully closed over 1600 home sales.  Something I could never do without the support of a great Team, and that I have!

So, allow me this brief moment to sit in the sunshine, and I will be back to work on Monday morning.  After all, it will be a new day.  And if you’re an agent looking to take your business to the next level, you cannot do better than joining the STAR POWER team.