I love coming to the cabin.  Sitting here today, having just completed a lunch of the Thanksgiving Day leftovers-on-purpose, and watching the wind blow through the towering Douglas Fir and Pine trees, it has become very apparent… There is no place to store anything anymore!  The closets are full, the storage room is maxed out, and very soon important ‘things’ will just have to stay ‘out’.  Or not!

I have just been forwarded a link to Ladies Home Journal’s website with an excellent article on what to do when you just can’t store it anymore. 

Don't Dump It, Donate It!  Give your old stuff new life by contributing it to worthy organizations”


“…Confession time: How much of the stuff that's crammed into your closets, attic, and basement do you actually need or use? We're talking about the bridesmaid dress the bride swore you'd wear again, the books your kid never read, and the inline skates you bought on a whim. But before you haul your random clutter to the dump, find out if there's a greener way to get rid of it. These organizations will take all that junk off your hands and recycle it or give it to those in need…”

Have linens that are ready for the rag bin?  “Animal shelters are often desperate for donations of soft blankets, thick towels, and linens to use in the animal cages, visit pets911.com”.

“Contribute your used furniture, such as beds, couches, and dining room tables, to your local chapter of the National Furniture Bank Association (nationalfurniturebank.org). The organization provides furniture to victims of hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes. It also helps families living below the poverty level and women and children who are starting over after fleeing violent homes”.

A whole host of suggestions for everything you rediscover that just needs a new home.  And, a tax deduction might be in order too.  I have always strived to create ‘win-win-win’ results in every opportunity I could.  This is a terrific example of how we all can create that ‘perfect’ solution.   A worthy organization gets goods to meet the needs of those in need;  you finally get some space in your home; and you might get a tax deduction to boot!  What can be better than that?  Oh…Santa IS on his way!

Take a moment and see if you might benefit with this information.  And, Merry Christmas!