Happy Father’s Day!

I love being a father; even months before December 1, 1974 I could tell that I would love it.  And it is an understatement to say that July 1, 1978 life ratcheted up massively with birth of our 2nd child, and I loved it.  Did I mention I love being a father?

To watch my son and daughter grow, to play a part in their development and now to stand back and bask in pride as I see who they have become, stand in awe at the decisions they make, and to top it off, to see them move into young parenthood!  Life is Good!  God is Good!

So when my friends Zenet and Carri sent me the following, I knew I had to get their permission to share with you all.  If we want a future for our children, and now our grandchildren, we might want to read, re-read and then take responsibility for making better decisions.  Oops!  Hope I didn’t go too far!  But don’t you agree that when we see 54% of our income going to taxes and interest, that, yeah, it means we must make better decisions?


Dear Darrell,

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers who are reading this newsletter.  This Father's Day make dad happy by showing him how to pay off all the family debt obligations before he retires.  

Contact our team at GPS Financial Solutions and see how you can wrap up this present for dad.  What more would dad want?

Zenet and Carri
GPS Financial Solutions


Where Does It All Go?


The average person earns $1 to $4 Million in their lifetime.  Do you know where it all goes?

Insurance 9%

Purchases/Principal payments 16%

Entertainment 2%

Household 19%

Taxes 28%

Interest 26%

Interest consumes a staggering 26% of the average person's income second to taxes. 


You need a plan to reduce the amount of interest you pay on debt, Zenet & Carri might be able to help.  November is coming, let’s make decisions that say “yes, I know where it goes, and more goes to my future, not to the past”.