For whatever reason, the underdog stories of 'life' have always moved me, even motivated me.  And, I don't think I am alone.  How many Rocky movies did they make?

But one story has always lit me up.  You might have heard or read about how a small seed, a mustard seed, full of determination, grows into the mightiest of all garden shrubs.  There is just something about that determination that just lights up my 'can do'.  

Have you ever tried to pull a mustard plant once it’s established?  Trust me, I know, it can't be done.  A few years back, having just moved out to the country, I made the rookie mistake, once, of not clearing out a patch of wild mustard as soon as I saw it break through the soil. You know what? There is a reason they say 'cut' mustard.  

The root of the mustard plant is gnarly.  And I think I figured out why. Because it has such a desire to break through the soil that whatever adversity comes against it, hardpan, a rock, etc., it finds a way, screaming "I'm coming out...!"   Unstoppable.  And, it doesn't calculate how long it will take to come out, it just is coming.  Gotta love that little seed’s attitude.

Ok, what is the application here?  

Have you met someone who started a business, become an investor, or even more simply, went on a diet with an "Ok, I am going to 'try' it attitude? 

They apparently have bought into the "microwave" mentality.  I want it, and I want it now.  And if I don't get it,  then I am on to the next new thing.  Or even the seasoned Pro who is met with some real world business adversity and begins to 2nd guess the legitimacy of their career?  But isn't there just something about the person who has buried their hopes and dreams into their career (soil) and says "just like the mustard seed, I will come out.  And when I do, I will grow into someone that will benefit others".

From a insignificant seed to a tree that is described as: “…once planted, it grows larger than any garden plant. It even puts out branches that are big enough for birds to nest in its shade”.

Man that lights me up…

So, what story, movie, book motivates you to keep going?