Merry Christmas!!!  

 As a child a part of the magic of Christmas included writing to Santa with my ‘Wish List’ and going downtown after Thanksgiving for the official Lighting of the public Christmas decorations.  In our fast paced society we have lost a bit of the magic.  So, to recapture some of that magic we would love to arrange for Santa to write your child, or grandchild, a personalized letter.  Details are below. But hurry, Santa is on his way! 




Dear Friends,

          In the spirit of the holiday season, we will be sending

Personalized letters from Santa to any child and/or grandchild!

          If you know of anyone who would enjoy receiving a letter from

Santa, send me their name(s), address(es), and if a Boy or Girl.

Emailing the info to my Team is the fastest most sure way of

Meeting the deadline. Please submit by December 13th to ensure timely


        You can also fax at 209-244-7171.



The Darrell Isaacs Team